BD's heads up about present pet situation

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Postby RandomNoob » Jun 08, 2019 12:58

So I haven't played extensively lately, at least on my BD. Mainly been farming with it but there is something going on you should be aware of. If it happens to you and you think it would be productive, by all means open a ticket with support.

Some kind of tweaks appear to have been done with pets, awhile back I noticed they would not behave properlly in RvR but in the middle of a fight you don't always have time to inspect what is going on. Mainly I notice it while farming in dungeons, the subs will just cease to operate. Seems to happen when the guardian/healer clip into a wall as often happens just from normal activity. Once they pop back out they will stand there, not buffing or fighting. Only recourse is a resummon, and at times I have had to relog completely to clear it. Very annoying when trying to farm, as the power costs to summon/buff a pet set are extensive.

Please share if you are experiencing this as well.

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Postby Bunjip » Jun 08, 2019 13:59

have the same problems on my bd, expirienced it in spindel while farming in the lover tunnes, every time healers move into a wall and come out again they stop healing.
in rvr i had it with caster pet fx in keep fights.

so for me it has been everytime they pass trough the structure they stop working. but i never had to completely relog, a simple recast worked, but still annoying when fighting or low on pow

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