How should i be spending points?

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Postby Thulack » Mar 26, 2017 02:23

Hi guys. New to DAoC and am playing a zerker. How should i be spending my points as i level? Should i be putting puts into weapon skill, or parry or mix it up while leveling? Also is it worth putting into Left axe if i dont even have a axe to use thats worth it? Level 5 atm and have a 2hander that kills my training axe. Might have a few more questions along the way but thats its for now. Thanks.

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Postby majky666 » Mar 26, 2017 10:11

Welcome to Daoc and Uthgard 8)
Go full leftaxe, rest to mainhand (axe?) , If you will have leftovers, put them into parry. But i would recommend you go hammer/LA for leveling, in hammer line there are some nice and usefull styles (side and back snare styles). If you dont have axe usable in left hand, dont be shy and ask in Jordheim /broad chat and some kind player will give you any. Lefty styles doing nice damage, it would be shame dont use them.

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