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Postby Xish » Jun 15, 2016 03:14

The tool tip in-game says the Berserk I still gives a flat 10% increase to damage.

If I recall from playing live (circa 8 years ago, which would have been post-1.65), the Berserk skill in general increased crit hit chance while dropping parry and evade chance considerably. I could be misremembering here, but I thought by the time you achieved Berserk IV, you had a 100% chance to crit during Vendo while suffering a 0% chance to parry and evade.

My Berserker on Uthgard is currently 5, so it's difficult to tell if there is the 10% flat damage increase is present. However, I am noticing a considerably higher chance to crit with Berserk I on than without. I would confidently say it's an increase above 50%, possibly being closer to 80-85% just on visual inspection of the combat log.

Is it possible for someone to vet this? I wasn't confident enough in my 1.65 knowledge to actively pursue a bug report on the Berserk I tool tip, but I will if additional players can corroborate anything I'm suggesting.

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Postby dabri0n » Jun 15, 2016 11:38

Berserk skill (while active) gives you 100% chance to land a critical hit (normal cap is at 50%) and allows your critical hit bonus damage to be 10-100% of the base hit in RVR (normal range is 10-50% in RVR, 10-100% in PVE). All passive defense (parry, block, evade) chances are set to 0%. 7min timer. 30sec duration.

I have no idea how it scaled over the levels. I am sure the defense penalty did not scale back like you suggested. ... lities.php ... re/720.php
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