Fun levelling with AE Nukes

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Postby Grahmdal » Feb 06, 2019 19:08

Greetings...a whiile ago madskaiser posted a little video of him pulling the entire roman fort in Cornwall with AE fire nukes...I thought it looked pretty I gave it a shot...and yeah...really fun stuff.

I spec'd to Earth at level 20, and started really enjoying fact the xp from pulling the roman fort can really catapult a wizard to level 25-26 pretty quickly. (The 10 charge potions really help with doing this!)

Honestly, Earth spec is pretty fun in a couple places, with having GTAE. You can atually stand behind the roman fort and pull almost the entire inside, then snare nuke as the skellys approach. Sort of a fun rush, and a change from bolt, bolt, dd, dd rest.

My wizard is just about to hit 37, and here's a few good spots I've found for using ae snare nuke levelling...

If anybody has any ideas where to go from 40-44 please let me know! This spec needs high density camps...

1-20 Just tasks...go fire spec IMO
20-25/26 Roman fort!!! Have some fun.
26-28 I just did trees and stalkers in forest really good AE camps
29 Bwgwls...sometimes they clump and you can pull 5 or so at a time...but usually wound up bolt, bolt, dot, kite
30-32 Frogs near hurb: once again, no brilliant AE camps here...but this is quick...just know the frogs move somewhere between regular speed and sprinting
33-36 Thidranki. Great levelling here...find the clumps. Pull by bolting the Oppungar mob, then AE snare nuke the whole'll get 5-6 mobs with group bonus. Just pop out at 34.9 and get enough pots to make 36.
36-40 Danaoin Clerks. Pull with a GTAE right in the middle of a pack, and proceed to snare nuke down...up to I think I've gotten 9 of em in a pull.
41-44 No ideas yet... :(
44-50 I'm going to try and do gobos...gtae right in the middle of the house...we'll see how it goes...this should pick up a lot at 46 with the last snare nuke spell.

And some's fun times...and the animation of the earth ae nuke is really beautiful:







Happy nuking =)

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Postby silenced » Feb 07, 2019 03:02

Negative part: only valid with 3 power relics. =)
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Postby Grahmdal » Feb 07, 2019 15:56

I think if one has the patience to play a wizard in the first place, the extra speed from relics isn't a big deal if it's missing :o

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