Wizard Specs in Uthgard 1.65

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Postby Splodeyfish » Feb 22, 2017 05:37

Needs to be more info on here for people looking to make wizards. I'm not a wizard expert so I'm going to have a crack at kicking off a discussion on different specs.

50 Fire / 19 Earth / 7 Ice
All fire spells maxes, 26s AoE root, 1st GTAoE for interrupts, 1st PBAoE for stealth reveals.

50 Ice / 20 Earth
All ice spells maxed, 26s AoE root, 1st GTAoE for interrupts.

48 Earth / 23 Fire / 7 Ice
Max lvl for all earth tools, Fire points to lower baseline dd variance, 1st PBAoE for stealth reveals.

38 Earth / 37 Fire / 7 Ice
3 Bolts (Delve 258, 239, 221) plus earth tools, low baseline dd variance, 1st PBAoE for stealth reveals.


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Postby Vlalkor » Feb 22, 2017 09:20

Either go Ice or Fire, Earth is not good at this patch level.

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Postby Heskey » Apr 15, 2017 14:41

What's wrong with Earth, and is the above Earth spec the best for Earth?
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