Leveling spec?

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Postby mordakane » Feb 18, 2017 01:08

Mind/Matter to 20 for kill tasks then switch to Mind/body?

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Postby Nunki » Feb 22, 2017 14:53

mordakane wrote:Mind/Matter to 20 for kill tasks then switch to Mind/body?

Tasks until lvl 10. (Feels like any further it only makes sense as a minstrel).

Mind (up to 44 or 46) / rest Body, all the way. There are great pets after lvl 9 (starting with devout filidh).

If you already know that you will play as a certain role / certain group, Body can be really usefull too (great specced DD, especially with Body Debuffer in group, nice AE Debuff). Wizards are rare, especially in 8 mans, so don't count for your Heat Debuff. :D

Usually finding a group / duo / trio is no problem as sorc, therefore choosing a certain spec just for lvling is not necessary, while of cause you can try several things out (I would never go for Matter, as a Sorc).


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