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Postby Rasilaorc » May 08, 2017 13:17

I am a currently lvl32 Sorcerer with 26mind / rest body

I solo a lot because i have really hard time finding/building groups. Almost everyone who i message is logging soon or doesn't reply. Can't blame anyone for that, building a group for 30minutes isn't appealing for anyone, but without that the grind is even more real :P
Even when binging 6-8hours on the weekend i sometimes don't get any people to group over that timeframe. And i don't ONLY look at the LFG tool, i whisper people i meet in the XP zones, i do /who 30 35 (even sent some necromancers out oif desperation saturdy :P although i can understand those wanting to stay solo)

As a sorc i even have it kind of good, compared to some classes, solo...at least that's what i read :grin: I can comfortably solo a yellows/oranges, but i am far from chaining them. After an orange usually mana and pet HP are at 50%.
Is that ok? Is that how it is supposed to be as a sorc in that range? :?

Are there any spots with body-weak enemies or any pets to look out for in the levelranges i am advancing into now? 32-40?

Basically i am just looking for any advice that might make the rest of the "journey" a little less frustrating :hammer:

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Postby Rokiater » May 09, 2017 00:23

Hey man, here's a bit of advice from a Sorc that also went Body/Mind split.

1. Levels 30-40 were probably the hardest to find groups, so I did a lot of soloing. You can also try doing duos or trios with Minstrels, Friars, Spirit/Body Cabalists, Theurgs, Clerics...
After level 40 you can start getting spots in LLYN BARFOG groups and things speed a bit.
When you're level 44+ people will always want to group you for interesting stuff like Frontier Dungeons or XPing, DF DIamonds, Dartmoor, or just plain old Llyn Barfog. The only problem is that there's a lot of Sorc competition :)

Unfortunately, Albion is very lacking in Body-weak monsters and has a MILLION body-resistant mobs.
The best you can hope for is Neutral mobs.

It's very important that you get used to /who and /send commands for finding or forming groups. Usually when I log in, I will do /who cleric (level range) and message everyone asking if they need Sorc in group, while soloing mobs my levels. If I don't find any group, I'll start looking on /who for classes that can duo/trio well with Sorc; all the while still soloing mobs my level.
Lyonesse is good for this because you can stay with yellow-orange cons until you find more people, and then move to another spot in Lyo.

2. BODY/MIND Solo tactics (also works well Duo/Trio depending on what classes you are grouping with)
The best thing is to have a pet that can cast a DD spell, but unfortunately there are not many options around levels 30-40.
For pure soloing, you should get an offensive melee pet with decent walk speed, as close to your level as possible. If you're lucky you can even find one that has strong damage type against your victim; but don't count on it. Neutral damage is fine.

There's a way to kite a Mob where it is running after you, but not hitting your pet. This means you can save your Pet's health and not have to wait a million years every kill for it to heal. This is how it works:

- Find a mob that does not run faster than normal running speed without sprint (Most mobs are like that, only some mobs are faster than normal running speed, like most Giants, or Horses/Boars/Wolves who can catch you even while sprinting)
- Get max range from mob

- Start casting Lifetap, 1second before cast is finished, cast Str/Con debuff (instant that can be used while spells are casting). The idea is to debuff monster right before Lifetap hits so it has less HP overall from CON debuff. You will also notice that your Lifetap seems to hit harder after str/con debuff, as well as your pet!

- Keep casting lifetap 1 or 2 more times while you tell Pet to attack. You should be able to get 3 lifetap casts + Str/Con Debuff before the mob gets to you.

- TURN AROUND and run before the mob has a chance to swing at you! You don't need to sprint if you start running before it's at melee range, it will never catch you.
If the mob does not swing at you, he will just chase after you without attacking your pet, while pet is still chasing and hitting.

- Keep running while pet hits it, until Pet gets aggro (or Mob gets snared from low health) then turn around with F key (face target) and finish nuking.

If you do this right, Pet should take minimal damage (only after it gets aggro from mob) or even no damage at all.
If you screw up and Mob gets a swing at you, SPRINT AWAY for a bit until your pet can get aggro (or try to root it). The mob will keep chasing you but also start hitting your pet, so you have to try to nuke it down or root it before it hurts your pet too much (causing downtime or even killing your pet).

**IT IS A MISTAKE to send Pet first to tank, you never want to tank anything with pet, just KITE! NEVER let Pet get aggro before you**

Killing mobs like this is a bit slower than just tanking with Pet and nuking, but the total XP rate is good because you also have less downtime (with MCL + serenity 1 + regen while kiting), and don't have to wait for Pet to heal.

This also works even better when you're duoing/trioing with another Nuke class.
I use this to solo Oranges all the time, and you can even do Reds but the amount of resists means lots of mana and downtime so it's not worth it.
You can't really chain monsters like a Sight Necro, but it's a lot better than just having pet tank mob.

Possible things that can go wrong:
1- You don't start running away soon enough and mob swings at you: Just try running away sooner, even it means only casting 2x lifetap (should be able to get 3x all the time though). **always make sure you have at least 40% endo left before pulling to sprint away*
2- Your spells get resisted a million times and Pet hits Mob getting aggro first: This sucks, but you can proceed like normal and just nuke + kite while Pet takes damage.
3- Your AoE Str/Con Debuff hits another mob: ******! Try to AOE mez them, or just run away until aggro resets.
4- You sent your pet too early and it got to close to the Mob camp, aggroing other mobs: ******! Set pet to passive and sprint away, it should fast-run to you and get away. Wait for aggro to reset

Note that I am so practiced with this technique, that I usually save mana by not using Bladeturn Self-Buff cause I never let the mob near me :) (AF Buff still good for when you make mistakes)

Once you can charm pets with DD spells, it's a bit easier. Just get aggro and run away as usual, while your pet chain nukes it.
You have to just watch that the pet does not get in melee range with Mob, otherwise it will start melee instead of Nuke.

What I usually do is have my pet set to "STAY" - when you order pet to attack it will auto-follow Mob while nuking it, then if it gets to close you can set to PASSIVE and it will stay put while you kite Mob further, then 3 seconds later order Pet to attack again and it will resume Nuking instead of melee. It helps to have ATTACK and PASSIVE in your hotkey bar.
**Dont forget to set pet to FOLLOW when you kill the mob to find a new target**

This also works even better when you're duoing/trioing with another Nuke class.

3. Try to get RR 1L8 in Caledonia BG for the following RAs: MCL+Acuity+Serenity1
First of all, RvR is great fun and breaks the monotony. It's also good practice since you're probably rusty (or never had much experience RvRing in the first place)

MCL is a great boon for Mana, especially when you go below 50%, or when you need to re-POM everyone in the group.
Acuity + Serenity 1 also help with downtime, and you can always respec out of Serenity later if you don't want it as final spec.

And now, here's a list of soloable monsters. I am just taking these off my mind, so I'm not 100% sure on monster levels.

32-34: Dunters in Lyo, or and later Hamadryads that con Orange. ALSO in Snowdonia there is a Faerie Frog pond that is excellent for this level.
34-36: I found Arawnites in general to be very good. Get Arawnite Warrior as they are excellent DPS. Arawnite Shamaness are great for when you are part of a group, especially in Duo/Trios.
36-39: I don't remember well these levels, but a lot of Lyonesse hunting as well
39-42: You can solo Gobos! Although I am not sure with the new Gobo nerf... and now go bore your brains out in Llyn Barfog!

Anyway, hope this helps you.
It's been a long road towards 50 and I'm nearly there now! Soloing can seem slow, but all that XP adds up and you get A LOT OF LOOT! If you have any questions, shoot me a Send on my characters below.
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Postby Rasilaorc » May 09, 2017 09:06

thanks for that in depth guide,

just one question for clarity: when the mob is aggro on me, and i am running away, it will not hit my pet that is hitting the mob from behind if it has not hit me (or the pet) before?

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Postby Rokiater » May 09, 2017 18:45

Yep, that's what I meant with my entire post :)
However, if the mob has ranged attack (for example Archers) then this will not work, they will start hitting mob even if their ranged attempt is interrupted.
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