Sorc Spec for RvR

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Postby Nunki » Feb 12, 2017 16:58

If you are the only Sorc in an 8 man RvR setup, I would never go below 44 mind, even better 46.

- 1.65 Mana is a huge problem. Therefore pom5 is amazing.

Why AE root does not make sense:
- Radial Duration Dropdown is a huge point on 1.65. Lower duration + low radius + det tank = free timer. For both AE Mezz and Root.
- Also ae root gives snare timer, therefore any tank trying to peel will cry!

I would say, either 44 or 46 mind is the way to go (as the only sorc in an 8 man RvR setup).
You can choose between:
- D/Q debuff, slightly more dmg, (ae root is useless)
- Pom5 + 15% more self mezz damp



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