Which bow?

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Postby Dimlo » Nov 30, 2017 14:45

Hi everyone,

which bow do you guys using? I am not sure about the speed of the bow. Fast or slow?

Thanks guys!

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Postby Requin » Dec 05, 2017 10:06

Source: http://daocinfo.awardspace.com/guides/c ... _guide.htm

Primary archer bows fall into three categories:
- light bows that no one gets range bonuses for which have about 4.0 second draw times,
- medium bows that only rangers get range bonuses for which have about 4.7 second draw times, and
- heavy bows that only scouts get range bonuses for which have about 5.4 second draw times.
Note that the heavier the bow, the longer its draw time, but the more damage it will do per successful hit.

Albion Bows:

Hunter's Bow Light
Bow Medium
Longbow Heavy
Heavy Longbow Heavy

Albion Longbow of Base Range:

(10) Worn Mithiran Bow
(23) Bwgan's Hunting Bow
(25) Light Hunter's Bow
(33) Bow of the Decaying Legions

Albion Longbow w/ Bonus Range:

(6)Huntsman's Longbow
(14)Ancient Mithiran Bow
(15)Slaver Longbow
(16)Ancient Oak Bow
(21)Silver Oak Longbow
(22)Nature's Blessing
(24)Carved Keltoi Bow
(25)Hunter's Great Bow
(26)Shadow-Oak Longbow
(28)Goblin Archer Long Bow
(31)Golden Oak Bow
(37)Worn Asterite Shod Bow
(42)Bow of the Forest Lord
(43)Fine Asterite Shod Bow
(43)Prey Seeker
(45)Fallen Archer's Great Bow
(47)Runed Bow of Ill Omen
(50)Bow of Doom
(50)Radient Moonclipper
(51)Cailiondar Longbow

Note that this list does not include ROG bows and some Golestandt drop or Quest Items, or Legion drop.

You won't benefit from level 51 items until you are 5L0 RR, which is level 51, your DPS will be clamped to level 50 otherwise.
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Postby Expfighter » Jun 14, 2018 06:14

I always use the Duskwood Heavy Longbow 100% qual, what alot of people don't understand about this patch lvl is that Bow Qual is VERY important, all of those Dropped Bows are 89% - 94% and will do alot less damage than a player crafted bow! All those other bows i salvage because they suck compared to player crafted ones. and a 99% qual duskwood heavy bow is only 180g, worth it!

Plus with low qualilty comes ALOT of misses, i NEVER miss with my lvl 51 bow except on high lvl keep lords and epic mobs!

So do yourself a favor and always use a high quality bow, makes life so much easier!

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