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Postby Autarch » May 21, 2016 00:52

How is scout at farming.
I mean with 50 bow.
Some people seems to use hunters on mid to farm.
What is the opinion of experienced scouts here ?

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Postby onizukasensei » Jun 03, 2016 10:12

Not the best possible farm char, since you mostly need to farm something like Dartmoor and DF or (Dragon - Legion - Prince raids).
I think you would be better with a good old fashioned farm char like Paladin, Friar, Necro.
Just my opinion tho.

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Postby silenced » Jun 03, 2016 10:20

Well, you can use a scout to farm, but not the items or mobs you may want, especially in Albion. Dartmoor for example is pretty cramped and you won't be able to savely pull the interesting mobs. But hey, who cares. Leveling a scout is a pita already, and to level one for pve farming is an even greater pita.
Albion Forever!

Gryphon Knight
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Postby Autarch » Jun 03, 2016 13:49

I personnaly rolled a friar for this task, but friend of mine is fond of scout was lazy to roll a first pve char.
Thx for confirmation.

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