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Postby arjunt1 » Sep 05, 2019 04:02

Hi all! I made this post 2+ years ago and check back every now and then. It makes me sad to see nothing but “prove to us there’s a problem” from the devs. Hope you all are well.


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Postby Grahmdal » Sep 05, 2019 15:45

I am in no way an expert about Scouts (or anything tbh) but I know lots of things relating to archers have been fixed:

The missing dmg bonus from slow weapons: ... _/_spec_???)

Number of arrows shooting with volley getting corrected from 3 to 5: ... _it_should

And the bypassing of blade-turn effects, relating to penetrating arrow, longshot and volley: ... ot_working ... Bladeturns

Also, Scouts now get relatively easy access to cloaks with 10 charges of 75 D/Q...farmable in Dartmoor...

Archers seem to be the most common classes to see on the battlefield right now...volley assist is one of the most brutal things to play against in keep sieges as well.
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Postby arjunt1 » Sep 06, 2019 19:07

Original issue was the damage cap in DAOC used to be based on speed, on Uthgard there was some artificial or broken ceiling on damage.

Slower the bow, higher the cap. So a super slow bow could do much more damage with a crit shot vs a sitting target (optimal damage). The original ticket was that a 5.4 speed bow had the same top cap as a 6.0. The damage cap was wrong. I don’t even see the original ticket now, instead it seems like people conflated xbow issues, dex variability etc.

Those were not the original issue. The devs probably got confused and deleted it.


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