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Postby djegu » Jun 27, 2017 14:59

I'm considering rerolling a guardbot for my ice bomber friends,
First it's still viable ? I know I won't be grp in elite 8man but for pug/smallman/zerg I won't have issue being grped

Now what's best ? Highlander ? Saracen (for better dext) ? Briton ?
Also what kind of spe ?
50 shield
46 chants
34 weapons ?

Regarding RAs Master of Blocking will be the goal

If paladin expert can help me it would be nice :)

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Postby Requin » Jun 29, 2017 08:46

Im not an expert, but i can help you theorycraft:

Block Cap is 60% in RvR, gotta make the calculations, maybe Saracen hit cap very easily and since you'll most likely get MoB you will have to get AugDex II minimum (+12 Dex)

80+12+75+93+62= 322 dex for Saracen or 302 dex for briton/avalonian or 292 for highlander
Block Rate = (((DEX*2)-100) / 40)+(Shield Spec / 2) + Mastery Of Block * 3)+5
+MoB II= 23.6%
+Shield Spec / 2=(50+11)/2=30,5%+23.6%=54.1%

With Saracen with +10 starting stat in Dex you will get 332*2-100/40=14.1 so +1.5% chance to block
But certainly giving up the slash weaponskill and the pala slash autotrain since saracen start with 50 strength, compared to a highlander you might lose 10% weapon DPS due to WS alone. (100 less WS is equivalent to all else equal around -15% Damage)
Of course with a thrust pala with 44 thrust you could get a nice WS.
I suggest following spec:
42 Shield 44 Thrust 47 chants, thats personally what im going for, 47 chants vs 46 chants is the autotrain difference (to lvl 36)
With this spec you don't have to worry about block cap until RR9
44 thrust give you a long snare on a 1-chain

If you want to hit block cap and don't care about the snare/weaponskill:
Briton with +10 start dex/10str/10qui with MoB 3 and 50 shield is the way to go.
so spec should be: 50 shield, 29 slash, 48 chants 18 parry
or 50 shield 42 chants 39 slash 13 parry
You must be slash cause all thrust styles reduce defenses.

Don't need highlander cause you get +45 con as paladin, which is enough.
I myself went with Avalonian.

Pala does not have Determination and Pala autotrains Slash (strength based WS)
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Postby djegu » Jun 29, 2017 21:37

Thanks for the precious info !! Very appreciated

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Postby Kha » Jun 29, 2017 21:47

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Postby djegu » Jun 29, 2017 23:15

ugh that's totally turned me off, i remember back in the day paladin 50 shield with MB3 was unkilleable

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Postby Kha » Jun 29, 2017 23:52

Yup, sorry to bring (a part of ?) the truth.

Used to play on a firlborg hero sometimes, wich is not the best race to go on a blockratemachine
(MB4 or 5 i don't remember exactly)
Even with NF i was camping bridges, hoping for inf/sb to try their luck.
Even 3-4 of them was a joke. Poison could kill at some points, but the blockrate was insane, their melee damage were close to nothing (10% chance to hit ? even less ?). (Until they nerfed it 8 years ago ?)

This bug MAY be fixed at some point, so, don't give up on your project.
Just, don't forget one aspect : 05 Nov 2016 the report is very old. And, no one care ! People rather play a dual melee style.
Last confirm is 10 Mar 2017 20:53:28 UTC.
It WILL take some times ... Even if it's not 1.65 balance, for now.

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