Stats for a Paladin

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Postby starcow » Mar 06, 2017 00:58

Hello everyone :)

Quick question about the stats for a paladin:
As a Highlander what are the ideal stats?
I guess:
STR 80 // CON 80 // DEX 60
What you think? Is that correct :?:


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Postby Sonsi » Mar 06, 2017 22:44

Those are fine.

Any combination of points spread over STR/CON/DEX/QUI is fine, to be honest.

Some factions have stats that vary by more than 60 points, one race from another... and both choices are equally valid. How much difference do you really think 5 matters?

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Postby Requin » May 03, 2017 10:29

Paladin up to level 50 gets:
- +45 con
- +15 str
- +23 piety

Paladin most needed stat is str, qui, dex, in order of importance:
With endo regen you want to hit faster, hence more quickness.
Paladin as a damage factor of 19 same as scout hitting with melee weapon (same as thane skald and reaver also), which means its above average so you want to maximize weapon skill to be able to hit.
If you autotrain slash generally you want to hit as fast as possible since it doesnt have many reaction/positional styles (at lvl 50).
Finally since you get +30 con, your hitpoints are already high as you gain more hits per con than other non-tank classes.
It comes to dex or con, I think dex is better since it impacts your parry, your block, your shield damage and you don't autotrain it.

Given these circumstances I think the best race for paladin is Briton>Saracen>Highlander>Avalonian.
Briton +12 str +10 dex +6 qui total at 50 is 87/105/70/66
Saracen +15 str +4 dex +6 qui total at 50 is 80/95/84/66
Highlander +15 dex +10 qui total at 50 is 85/115/65/60
Avalonian +15 str +10 dex total at 50 is 75/90/70/70
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Postby Hasbulat » Jul 09, 2017 00:52

Dex is only important for classes to rise a cast speed or, for melee if you plan to use thrust weapon.

Dex and Qui importance for parry/block is very low. There is important a skill, not a stat.

Consti benefit is also very low.

So, only stat is to maximized is a weapon ability stat - str! And str+dex for thust or dex for dex weapon (staf).
If you will use a strk weapon, all starting points in strk is a good thing. Or 15 strk and 10 qui. This is only a reasonble way for starting stats as melee.

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