Why no temp with +chants?

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Postby RevolutionaryTHS » Aug 05, 2021 09:37

I am still using my necro farming 30pp to build up a set yet.
Becuz I want to play paladin, so I read forum about it.
I found out at the Paladin Temp thread, no Paladin temp has ANY chants in it.

Does this mean +chants will not increase the
hp regen, AF Buff, AF chant, end, damage add and resist?
I read a message from another server say +chants only increase taunt,
It work same here?
I am planning on a defend type paladin does
Avoid Pain, Armor of Faith and Battle Yell worth something?
I logged in my 5lv paladin and a message say
“You got a full respec, and u can get ur auto train point from your trainer”
Something like this, does this mean I don’t need auto train my paladin,
Just go to trainer when I dinged 8,12,16…44,48lv?

Thank for answering

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Postby Ilerget » Aug 05, 2021 21:09

you don't need to avoid putting points in your AT lines anymore, at lvl 8 you will see that if you add on that lines no points will be taken from you, no AT anymore, you get the points if you do it or not
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