La Morti Parla Epic quest step 3

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Postby JOhnnyFerro » Jun 20, 2018 14:36

I don't know if it is broken or I am just not finding the right Druids to kill for Druid eye.

I have killed 15 druids at loc 25034 55629 plus some of the other druid types that spawn at that circle.

I post this because I do not know if the quest is broken or I am just at the wrong place.

I have spent hours running around in Salisbury plains looking for more druids.

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Postby Requin » Jun 20, 2018 16:13 ... cquest=209
Step three: Travel due northwest from west downs to a druid ring. Vismer tells you you must retrieve a druid's eye from the druid ring (loc 27000, 54000)directly southeast of West Downs in Salisbury. Kill any Filidh (loc Filidhs at 35000, 16000)(or druid) there to get an eye, keeping in mind they come out only at day time, kill one and receive 'a druid eye'

in the commentary it says filidhs or druid filidhs
It even says you can just kill a filidhs lvl 10
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Postby JOhnnyFerro » Jun 21, 2018 09:49

Thank you . I really appreciate the help.

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