Duo w/ Minstrel?

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Postby LaFlamaBlanca » Apr 05, 2017 15:44

My brother and I recently started up on Uthgard and he made a Paladin (level 5) and I currently have a level 11 Minstrel. So I was curious if Minstrel is a good class to duo with a Paladin? This would be for duo/grouping whenever we can find one.


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Postby Mancav3 » Apr 05, 2017 20:05

for PvE i would reccomend friar

for rvr sorc friar cleric

for rvr and pve sorc/cleric/merc/friar

paladin is mostly useless

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Postby morry1000 » Apr 05, 2017 22:17

Would be quite tempted with another minstrel, hard class to play but very effective if played well.

Fast at kill tasks until 20, wanted in RvR grps etc.

I believe reaver could be a decent fit as well.

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Postby Bzo » Apr 16, 2017 18:49

If you plan to duo rvr then sorc seems really the best choice :)
Easy to join a rvr FG as well with sorc+mins.

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Postby pweet » Apr 16, 2017 19:43

For 2vX make another minstrel. For rp Farm and adding get a scout

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