Help with DW meccanics and AT

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Postby bigne88 » Sep 17, 2017 00:54

Greetings girls and boys!

I call the help of the comunity because I'm going to ding soon ghe lvl 40 with my merce and be able to use my last free respec. Atm. I'M DW and crush but my final spec wants to be 50dw 36slash 42 shield rest parry and I would love to get the advantage of full AT witch comes only at lvl 48.
My question is: if DW styles are affected (hit chance, penetration, damage variation) only by my strenght and DW points, can I, at lvl 40, get rid of crush points completelly and keep levelling till 48 (to gain full at) with just DW styles?

I have read few opinions and after 5 minutes their exact opposite.
P.s. bonus question: I heard going beyond 50 composite is a good thing. Correct?

Also how many points in parry will I have at 50 with 50/42/36 with full AT and with lvl 40 AT?
I might consider going crush :))

TLdr for whoum are contracting diharrea cause of my awfull english and formatting skillz: DW style's are also affected by weapon type skill points?

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Postby Aelred » Sep 17, 2017 04:10

Your damage with Dual Wield styles is variable, depedant on your DW and Slash skill. Your DW determines the ceiling for this variance, while your Slash skill determines the floor. When using your DW styles, improving your Slash skill up to composite 51 will increase the lower end of your damage. There is no point in raising Slash above that except to improve the effectivenesd of your Slash styles.

You will notice the variance when leveling, but I doubt your groupmates will. It should be a pretty safe way to level up, since you'll never be expected to use Slash styles in PvE.

Edit: You should get 20 points into Parry with that spec. It will help you in group play if you get into a slam war with the enemy defensive tank, or if you plan on duelling, otherwise it might be better to put those points into Slash, if you plan on using Slash styles a lot. You can check out different specs here, in this character builder.

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Postby Requin » Sep 18, 2017 08:07

A lot of people have leveled from 40 to 48 with 10-12 points in weapon (reavers generally).
You won't be able to solo and you will be a pain for your group (w/o them noticing).

Then again I suggest making a build for lvl 50 merc w/ Crush and wait on a respec stone to respec once you hit 5L0.
Example Crush Build:
39 Crush+11
50 DW+11
42 Shield
6 Parry+11

Respec at 5L0:
36 Slash+15
42 Shield+15
20 Parry

Crush weapons look nice!
You will do more damage to blademaster and bard. Neutral damage to all of Midgard. Less damage to scale wearers.
You will have access to the slowest weapons for mercenary so you can have the best benefit from dual wield haste effect!
Reminder to Self: Quality over Quantity, what is the Value here?

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Postby bigne88 » Sep 19, 2017 00:36

Thanks guys, I apreciate your nice help and good imputs.

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Postby JOhnnyFerro » Apr 06, 2022 19:36

is there a way to go from main hand ,shield to dual yield without having to manually take left hand out of inventory and putting in offhand slot?

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