Good crush weapons for leveling?

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Postby Larko » Jan 05, 2017 22:27

Easiest to get/Best quality

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Postby 15rico85 » Jan 27, 2017 08:43

best bet would prob be making your own and level up crafting at same time

Sirex The Virus
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Postby Sirex The Virus » Jan 27, 2017 18:22

really depends on what level

spriggan waylayers and spriggan ambushers in salisbury plains near cap forest will drop some decent hammers. Would last to around 18 .. lvl 14 mobs i believe .

Keltoi after that would get you a decent hammer as well.

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Postby Requin » Jan 22, 2018 12:10

Reminder to Self: Quality over Quantity, what is the Value here?

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Postby bdf » Feb 02, 2018 22:31

requin i don't know you but your posts have helped me a few times over these last couple days :D

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