Will merc have a regular slot in 8man?

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Postby Wuff » Dec 13, 2016 01:10

Knowing that albs will have to deal with an end-issue in 8v8, and that there'll be no end barrels, I was wondering how likely it is that the alb melee-setup will be used much. And if its not, my guess is that merc will be sidelined as caster-groups often only seem to incorporate an arms from the alb fighters.

Will mercs meet this issue once uth relaunches? Would like to hear some thoughts on this

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Postby t-bone » Dec 13, 2016 10:40

Mercs will be the main light/rvr tank for Albion. They always have a slot. always

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Postby moha » Dec 13, 2016 16:07

Except for full caster groups there will be always at least one merc in an alb group.

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