15str/10con or 15str/10qui

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Postby Sanik » May 24, 2016 18:11

what are you guys doing for starting stats.

obviously, if you are planning on thrust spec you will put 10 into dex.

For those who want to play slash/crush will you take con or quick or perhaps 10str/con/quick?

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Postby Koleriker » May 24, 2016 18:18

Which race/class?

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Postby Sanik » May 24, 2016 18:57

Koleriker wrote:Which race/class?

highlander mercenary

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Postby Kinat » May 25, 2016 07:05

10 STR 10 DEX 10 QUICK

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Postby Ehlo » May 31, 2016 17:35

15str 10quick unless youre going thrust. Then 10 10 10 str dex quick
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