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Postby kollaps » Dec 04, 2017 02:33

hello, Been trying to get help in game..but i play odd hours. Anyway i cannot find Dooben for lv 15 epic, some of the info is off or completely wrong, such as when talking to Nimue she says run to WD and talk to bla blah, but in the journal it says he is over in AM! this being said, i cannot find Dooben in Salis. Plains by the slaver camp. anyway help?

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Postby Requin » Dec 05, 2017 09:52

Here is the link with the info on the 1.65 epic quests:

For your specific quest its: ... cquest=142

I have done this quest many times, my favorite classes in Alb are Scout, Friar & Armsman.

Lady Nimue can be found in Campa Forest during the day at 8380, 47321, and Avalon Marsh during night at 27631, 45026.
Here you can see clearly where Lady Nimue is supposed to be during the day.
between the two islands it seems during the night.
do /time to check the InGame time.

She can also be found in Snowdonia but very rarely, I was lucky to complete the quest there once.
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Postby kollaps » Dec 05, 2017 13:39

thanks a bunch!!!

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