Friar Start Stats these Days

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Postby Cartesii » Aug 18, 2017 17:52


i saw the old thread, but in these days of a lower player population i thought bout other starting stats:

Atm i think bout
10-12 Dex
10-11 Qui
Some Con/Pie


10 Dex
10 Qui
10 Pie

What do you think?


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Postby morry1000 » Aug 18, 2017 18:38

Dex is the most important stat for Friars.

So most I daresay would state: 15 Dex / 10 Piety.

10 Con / 10 Dex / 10 Piety would probably be fine as well.

You have self haste and a self spec dex/qui buff so I would not bother with quick tbh.

End game, with a decent template, it won't make a massive difference overall.

Good luck with your friar :grin:

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Postby Cartesii » Aug 18, 2017 18:51

Thank you pal <3

I guess i will take 10 Dex, Con and Pie. I always like a bit more of everything.

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Postby morry1000 » Aug 18, 2017 19:17

No problem,

If you are concerned about the quickness aspect I had a look on the char builder:

60 Base + 75 from Temp + 86 from Spec Buff (69 + 25% as spec buff).

Now you are going to want Dodger RA on your friar at some point which necessitates Aug Qui II which is another 12 Quick giving a grand total of:

233 (out of a hard cap of 250).

That is with no pts in quick at creation. Plus you are going to have at least 32% self haste (Lv38 Enhance).

I daresay there are some that would argue 10 pts of quick at creation is a good idea.

Me? It is all much of a muchness, I reckon you will be swinging pretty damned fast either way :D

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Postby Requin » Aug 19, 2017 12:52

I would go 18 dex 1 qui
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Postby Aelred » Aug 19, 2017 16:20

Honestly I think Requin has the best suggestion here. Let's look at what each stat does for you.

Pie - I would argue this is about as useful as strength is to you. Unlike a Cleric, you have no damage spells Piety would boost, you will hit the 20 buff limit before you run out of conc, and as a secondary healer, the slight increase to your power pool isn't significant.

Con - While your health is important, I would advise against Con for two reasons. First, Friars are on a very low hit point table, so you will be getting hardly any benefit from these points. Second, being tanky isn't how you stay alive; evading is.

Qui - In a group, your ability to peel should not be underestimated. Friar's Friend is an amazing style, and the quicker you can fire them off, the better (even when you're so near to cap!). In addition, quickness will also raise your unstyled damage and evasion.

Dex - this is not only your most important stat, but argueably the only one that really matters. It determines 100% of your damage and defense penetration, increases your evasion and parry, and is the only way for you to increase casting speed.

I would personally go for 15 Dex 10 Qui, but Requin's suggestion is surprisingly reasonable too.

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Postby MYLK » Aug 26, 2017 07:05

i think i did 12 dex 10 quick 6 piety, if i could redo i would 10/10/10 just to get them most out of my starting points though

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Postby hazelhimself » Aug 26, 2017 19:12

MYLK wrote:i think i did 12 dex 10 quick 6 piety, if i could redo i would 10/10/10 just to get them most out of my starting points though

...which you wouldnt.

just having more stats isnt going to help you. dex is by FAR the most valuable stat for friar.
when making one get 15 dex or more. anything lower than 15 is a waste.

i mean lets be the end its not gonna matter TOO much...but i feel with friar being as weak as it is it needs every little bit of minmaxing it can get.

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Postby Pendalith » Aug 27, 2017 09:59

If it is more for solo pve farming and staff dmg being all dex id drop 15 into dex,10 con
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Postby zenobya » Jul 27, 2018 14:37

i always do 13 dex 10 qui and 4 con why you might ask
as mentioned above qui caps at 250
and with basic math: 60 base+ 75 items+ 93 self spec + 12 aug qui(for doger) + 10 on start up =250

also a small info for bufs(base bufs with equvalant to 50 ench spec gives 62 bufs and spec bufs gives 93 (assuming you got buf ra)with max value to a total of 155 in both)

and for dex having 13 or 15 ther is no big difrence you can feel(only you can get the difrence each 6 point dex increment at game)

but having 4 more con means(a friar gets 8hp each 2 con ) so 16 hp it sounds small but a friar got 1400-1500 hp marging at 50 with out spec con and hp incrse ras this is like having %1 damge reduction on anything(melee or spell vise)

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Postby Spivo » Jul 27, 2018 18:02

I dropped all in dex and think 1 in qui, has not dissapointed me.

Our weaponskill is crap, and so you want any boost you can possibly get.
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