Reju vs pie - what to cap?

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Postby Pao » Jul 30, 2017 13:14

Dear staffswingers

I will spec 25 in reju so I got the single heal thats better and more efficient than the big baseline heal. So caping reju is not that important but single baseline heal is very effective in pve and group heal is quite nice for keep/gate fights.

My temp would have 30 pie and 11 reju vs 74 pie and 3 reju.

what would you pick and why? Cant make my mind. Bigger heal are great but variance with 25+3 reju is a ******.
Hope GMs are fine with what they have stated, that they are fine with just 80 people (300ppl was Trishin Statement long time ago) playing the game under their vision.
Its important to leave this server running doesn't matter how low the numbers will be. The other servers can fail but Uthgard still will be there, thats Uthgards only chance.

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Postby Kha » Jul 30, 2017 15:13

Cap piety
Put staff & dext & whatever (except constit hps piety)on your staff
Put rejuv & dext & whatever (except constit hps piety) on a hammer + shield

Then use qbind switch before you heal or before you hit someone.

Fixed. :wink:

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