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Postby Spivo » Apr 23, 2018 17:37

A friar can be great, but so can all other classes.

Biggest problem is that we now know what is "best", and since friars are not meta no one will group them.
Is a cleric better for a group? Certainly!
Is a friar good for a group? Certainly, but I'd always get 2 clerics first, and then maybe a friar.
Can 1 cleric + 1 33 rejuv friar keep a group up? Yes, but 2 clerics would do a better job.

Heat resists helps a lot vs. Hibs, and a 3rd healer will help greatly heal through mid melee assist trains.
Cold resists helps a lot vs. nearsight, which is very big issue for albs.

A melee that can still function while rooted is also great, but would a det 5 arms not be better? Certainly.

A friar is like a hobby within DaoC, great fun, can be serious and profitable, but don't expect others to take it serious.

If you rolled DaoC 16 years back, in regards to what people know, friars would be a huge asset for groups.
Problem is with the knowledge people have now you face hib/mid groups with optimal setups (rare to see any set groups run thane/champ), and so albs have very little wriggle-room for quirky setups. But that does not mean friars are bad.
I might complain and I don't play anymore, but I never forget the impact Uthgard had on me reminiscing DaoC and how much work the staff put in to it.
It remains a masterpiece, but stuck in time.


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