About parry and the follow up attack

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Postby Desarix » Mar 05, 2017 03:07

Do you keep an eye on the combat chat window to see when you parry or can you actually see the friar parry. I cannot tell perhaps because I have put so little points in parry but I was wondering how you can see when the friar parries so you might use the follow up attack. I can see the spinning staff attack move so I can follow with jabbing but I don't know how parry looks.

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Postby Charistoph » Mar 06, 2017 06:22

Back in the day on Retail, it was possible to prep two Styles. It was not uncommon to do a Reactionary Style and then a Positional/Anytime right afterward. If the Reactionary goes off, you progress from there. If the Positional/Anytime goes off, you progress from there.

It is important to set up the Reactionary first, so if it cannot go off, it devolves to the possible.

This can be End-intensive, though, as even prepping a Style comes with a a little cost.

Of course, I haven't tried this on Uthgard, yet. Still getting my bearings and been working on my Theurgist main more, so I haven't had opportunity to try it out.

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Postby Blitze » Mar 06, 2017 12:06

In regards to parry, Friars only have 1 style that requires parry and its lvl50 staff, therefore, it is never ever used as Friars do not get enough specc points to consider going to 50staff. So parry is only useful to block damage.

In regards to watching combat log for evades so that you can get an evade reactionary (figure eight or counter evade), it's easier than that.. As previous poster eludes to: just que up styles. For example, press figure eight followed by Friars boon every round. Then when u evade it will automatically do figure eight and when u don't it will revert to a Friars boon.

Hope that helps

P.s. When figure eight triggers you can que figure eight then press double strike and if you evade again, you'll do another figure eight and if you don't you'll do a double strike.

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Postby Desarix » Mar 06, 2017 14:32

Thank you both of you yes I had not thought of prepping the follow up. That is very smart advice I shall follow it. Thanks so much.

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Postby Vkejai » Mar 15, 2017 03:28

You can still do reactionary , secondary and primary all in one round right ?

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