+ to Enhancement bonus?

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Postby acole87 » Jan 24, 2017 20:38

I've found some equipment in Cornwall that gives + to Enhancement, but I'm not sure there's actually any benefit to having a bonus to Enhancement, as the entire line (save for Taunt) is just buffs. Does anyone know of any reason that I should use this equipment over something of equal AF with basic stat bonuses?

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Postby Blitze » Jan 24, 2017 22:05

I believe that +enhancement makes your buffs better (give more +stats)

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Postby tommi01 » Jan 25, 2017 08:08

Blitze wrote:I believe that +enhancement makes your buffs better (give more +stats)

I don't think that's valid for Uhtgard.

not sure tho or can anyone confirm it?
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Postby Bryt » Jan 25, 2017 11:18

+ Enhancement only works for basebuffs, and only up to the hardcap of 50.

so if you have 45 in enhancement, and +2 from realmrank, you have 47 and you only benefits from +3 enhancement on your Equipment.

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Postby wla » Jan 25, 2017 11:50

Some example (numbers are NOT correct; this is just for better explanation):

you basebuff STR (lvl 50) + 50 (displayed in tooltip), and speccbuff Dex/Qui (lvl 45) + 45 (displayed in tooltip)

Let's say you have 45 enhancement and + 0 from equipmment / RA = 45 enhancement in total, you get:
+ 45 str
+ 45 dex / qui

If u now have 45 ehnahcement with + 5 from equipment / RA = 50 enhancement in total, you get:
+ 50 str
+ 45 dex / qui

Finally, if u have 45 ehnahcement with + 10 from equipment / RA = 55 enhancement in total, you still get:
+ 50 str
+ 45 dex / qui

you will never get less stats from speccbuffs (because you need to put points into enahcnement to actually receive the buff - makes sense huh? :gaga:) and you will never get more stats if u have more enhancement than needed.

please correct me if im wrong

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Postby zenobya » Jan 26, 2017 13:30

actualy on ench line msot people only know about till total 50 ench spec line you get full benefits but on lover levels tehn level 50 each spec point gives a smal increase on spec bufs too
for example if you have blue slef dex qui buf at level 30 you get 40 dex/qui from it with 25 ench
after level 31 you get 26 ench it incrse to 41 this si where it changes but if you had
yelow dex qui it wont incrse couse of teh buf cap on levels
at level 50 your caps on buffs are these
for base 62 for spec 93 a total of 155
so if you make a basic math formula
62/50=1.24 times level for base buf cap
93/50=1.86 times level for spec buf cap
so figüre that out yourself

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