Torn between 2 different specs.

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Postby Thieves » Jan 21, 2017 08:01

Spec #1: 15 Rejuv, 46 Enhance, 44 Staff, 8 Parry


Spec #2: 25 Rejuv 46 Enhance, 39 Staff, 8 Parry

I'm mostly wanting to solo farm PVE as this is my farming character. (Not a fan of Necro or Cabby even if they are more efficient)

The higher rejuv would help me farm longer before going OOP because I'd be casting better heals and using less power. Keeping my HP topped off is pretty important, especially when chaining higher level mobs.

But cranking staff up to 44 is pretty tempting as well.

What are your thoughts?

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Postby Blitze » Jan 26, 2017 20:26

15 rejuv is more than plenty for solo farming. the specc heal will mean u wont go oop.
and parry is brilliant for solo pve! I soloed absolutely fine with this specc 44staff 47enhance 7 rejuv 12 parry.

but if ur certain to have a better heal then consider 39staff 15rejuv 4Xenhance 19+parry.

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Postby morry1000 » Jan 26, 2017 23:36

Not sure 44 staff is necessary tbh, and raising your rejuv could in a pinch get you a few pugs who were short on clerics.

For farming 39 staff is plenty, in fact I bet you could go lower and it would still be fine.

Do like the friar class I must confess :grin:

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Postby Nixxo » Jan 30, 2017 09:25

44 staff is a waste for solo, you will barely use the side style, get 51 composite staff, 45 enhance for pve solo, or 47 if you want the haste, and 49 for resists(drag ect.)

get enough rej to keep you self sufficient, 15+, im a fan of 18 or 25 rej myself and put rest in parry.

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