Spec & Problem with the Staff line?

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Postby acole87 » Jan 21, 2017 18:27

Stupid question here but I'm still fairly new to the Friar class and want to understand this.

By sinking 18 points into Rejuvenation, I can obtain the major spec heal for 172 HP, costing 30 PP with a 3.2 second cast time. However, that heal seems to be the exact middle-ground (in terms of cost and effectiveness) between the level 31 (158 HP, 28 PP, 2.8 sec) and level 36 (183 HP, 33 PP, 2.8 sec) base heals, but with a longer casting time. Is the spec heal more likely to land with a higher value than my base heal, or is there something I'm overlooking here? Is 18 Rejuv. more about the general bonus to all healing spells than it is the level 18 heal?

Additionally, how important is Parry?

The spec I was originally planning was:
15 Rejuvination
47 Enhancement
19 Parry
39 Staff

But if I drop Enchancement to 46 (sacrificing my red combat speed buff for yellow) and drop Parry to 8, I can pump Rejuvenation up to 25 and obtain the major spec heal that out-heals my last base heal by a fraction.

I just don't know how much I really want to run around the frontier with only 8 Parry, but I've not any real RvR experience with a Friar to form a solid opinion on my own. It should be noted that the primary goal of my Friar is to run a duo with my friend who is also playing a Friar. If possible, I'd like to remain somewhat useful to other players as well.

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Postby Blitze » Jan 23, 2017 21:16

Yea 39staff 47enhance, 15rejuv and 19parry is probably a better specc

The specc rejuv heal is only used because the variance on the baseline heals is quite high (with low specc and no +rejuv in template). So generally after fights i use the specc heal. but on second thoughts i agree 18 rejuv is too many points to invest.

so its 44staff 47enhance 7rejuv 12parry OR 39staff 47enhance 15rejuv 19parry for me.

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Postby Nixxo » Jan 24, 2017 07:58

We only use the spec heals because basic Rej heals are pretty terrible.

The problem is, how much are you going to use it? smallman you might wanna have 18+ rej for the emergency heals, i loved 25 and 33 rej, but then i noticed solo i was not as strong as i wanted. Going 7 rej for just the disease and poison cure made me feel week after fights, trying to heal and be oom.

i found the 18 rej spec heal is the middle ground for me. If stones are cheap i may try out the 25 rej smallman specs and try and hold my own solo.

Another solo spec i loved was going 45 enhance 39 staff 11 rej 25 parry, you miss out on the resists, but solo prob dont need them as much, have a somewhat non terrible lvl 11 spec heal for 100+ but get a massive 25 parry, after you add in +rr and temp thats 40+ parry which is op as F.

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Postby zenobya » Jan 26, 2017 13:21

at level 50 you ahve red base heales which uses more mana tehn signle spec one and if your rej value lover tehn total of 25+ it varies from 70 to 150 on smal 110 to 280 on big base but spec one has a fix value like 18 rej one gives 215 hp


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