Endgame Spec?

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Postby tippsy » Jan 26, 2017 22:35

Just curious what everybody's endgame spec is going to be? I have looked around a bit and seen a couple putting 20+ levels into Smite, and having the extra utility sounds like it would be a lot of fun. However, I don't want to gimp my healing to much just to get some points into Smite? Is it worth it, or is it best to go the normal 40 Enhance / 36 Rejuvenation, and not touch Smite?


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Postby Nervenarzt » Jan 27, 2017 00:06

Smite is for fun and cool to have.

Most RvR Groups or lvl groups don´t want you. If ppl ask my cleric if i look for a group and i answer sure but i am a smite cleric than ... hmm okay than not ...

I started the smite line cause at start all says blaa here are too much clerics. Got no group and with heal/buff only to lvl hmm not really.

With smite it works fine to lvl and if you find the right group they know that you are not really a healer but a dmg dealer and can handle it its really fine.

But its my opinion. If you ask all other clerics 99,97% or so said that smite clerics are gimped

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Postby tippsy » Jan 27, 2017 00:48

I wouldn't go full Smite by any means, but was thinking something along the lines of:

40 enhance
26 rejuv
25 smite

Would still have good buffs, decent heals with both group and single instant heals, along with some additional tools from Smite such as PBAOE Mez, and some damage to throw out if need be.

I would be missing out in 10 additional levels in Rejuv though from the cookie cutter build, which I would then lose out on higher versions on both Insta heals, and a the spec group heal.

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Postby imamizer » Jan 27, 2017 13:34

33 rej - 42 enh - 7 smite

Your spec would work only for small man and duo with sorc. With less than 30 rej you won't be that useful in a 8man. Power is already a problem for cleric. You need to use pots and MCL on cooldown. If you try to smite ppl down, you will have no use for the group at all. Your 19 sec mez is a joke and smite dmg doesn't worth the power it uses. If you don't have a guild group willing to carry you, then don't do it imo.

With your spec;
smite > 37 power - 127 dmg which you will have huge dmg variance. It will tickle enemy with temp.
major heal > 39 power - 235 hp which scales great with your piety and +rej skill.
still.. your choice.

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Postby Nunki » Feb 12, 2017 16:10

Is think there are only 2 8man specs for low RR.

40 enhance, 35/36 reju (I chose 35), rest Smite


42 enhance, 33 reju, rest smite.

I think best for an 8 man RvR group would be one 42 enhance and one 40 enhance. ;)

Mana is such a problem on 1.65, more than 36 reju is too expansive. (With low RR, so no: mcl2, rp, sere 1-2)
More than 42 enhance means you won't get your 8 man group fully buffed.

... along with some additional tools from Smite such as PBAOE Mez, and some damage to throw out if need be.

Those mezz gives a great resist timer, so you would only use it in absolute critical situations in which you would die for sure.
In these situations (which should not occur) the first pbaoe mezz does his job, too.

Damage is not your job in 8 mans ^^ The dd has a 1350 range, in situations you would use it, the fight is either:
A. Won and over anyway
B. You loose / risk loosing due to bad positioning. :D

Your position is AT LEAST 1500 behind the first tank/offtank in line (for desease heal).
Anything closer is risky and not where you should be. ;)

Ofc anyone should play what he wants, but Albion classes are highly specialized, you can dream of a cleric doing damage, but this will quite never be the case, while you will heal in every fight. ;)


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