Recycling question

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Postby Rhewin » Sep 20, 2017 00:41

Hi all,

Back in the game for the first time in years. I am running a matter cabby, currently level 9. Right now 7 matter/4 body (put that in by mistake!)/3 spirit. I have a staff with 5 focus lvls in spirit as well.

It seems like it takes a lot longer to recycle than I remember. Even with 50% power, it takes about 5-6 cycles to get full. I remember it only taking 6-7 cycles from nothing. Anything I'm missing here, or is my memory of 1.65 just that fuzzy?

Edit: yes, using Amber

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Postby threer » Sep 20, 2017 09:03

First, it will get better with higher levels.
Second, Spirit-skill level makes a huge difference. When I went from 3+0 to 47+11 (50 should be the cap anyway for recycling benefit) Spirit-skill, my recycling-returns went through the roof. So maybe you remember your Tri-Spec times back in the days?

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