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Postby Stasis » Feb 09, 2017 15:04

Hi, im in the earlie learing stages of kiteing.

First Aoe pull and kiteing was with Moor Boogeys in zam they are 180 in speed.
I had from earlier learned that rooters and threes are fast buggers. What speed do we have while sprinting. just so i know what mobs i should not pull :)

Edit: seems like Goblins are 188 and i can outrun thouse as well, can my sprint be 200? Aka same as Elder Beech?

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Postby Nunki » Feb 20, 2017 14:40

I couldn't find any lists. :D

I learned to never try to run away from:

- horses (stallions ...)
- wolves and dogs
- Giants (and quite everything beeing as huge as a giant)


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Postby Devastated » May 10, 2017 15:56

Nunki wrote:I learned to never try to run away from:

i learnt to not try and run away from anything whilst ENCUMBERED!! LOL :hammer:

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