insta dex debuff bug?

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Postby playfull » Jul 23, 2016 06:30

so I made a i30 cabby...

and when I Insta dex debuff, my insta str debuff goes on cool down.

but this DOESNT go vice versa.

i.e. If i cast my insta str debuff, I can cast my insta dex debuff right after.

Is this working as intended or bug?

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Postby Borabora » Jul 23, 2016 10:29

bug, both should go on timer everytime.

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Postby GreenP » Jul 23, 2016 12:22

Yea base-debuffs should share one timer, and spec-debuffs share one too.
It worked fine for eld the last time i played, 1week ago. Gonna have a look on eld again.
Maybe someone can doublecheck for sorc + midcasters. Odd bug xD

/edit Ok there is something wrong on elds too:) I could fire a lvl 29 dexdebuff and an lowertier of the same debuff.
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